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Hosting secure

Why does the hosting need to be secure?

Why is security such a big issue?


Security is becoming a growing problem on the internet. It seems like every week there’s a new article about some business or other being hacked. Consequently, it is more important than ever to ensure your website is secure.

Loss of revenue

Lack of security can create a variety of problems for any business, as a result losing your revenue. If your site goes down potential customers will not be able to view the products or services your site offers.

Search engine ranking

If your site goes down regularly and search engines are trying to access it this will have a negative effect on your ranking resulting in a decrease in traffic to your site.

Malware attacks

An attack could cause your site to lose all its data. Without a secure host doing regular backups of all your data, the time and money you put into the site could be lost.

What do you gain from secure web hosting with us?

Your site is always being monitored

Every second of every day someone is keeping an eye on your site server, day or night if a problem arises someone will be there to fix it.

Data is backed up

Every day the provider is able to ensure that all of your data is safely and securely backed up.

Everything is in the UK and… EU

A private data center in the UK and some other countries in Europe, meaning there are redundancies and backups in every aspect of the infrastructure.

Excellent customer service

With the UK and Albanian support, the experts are only a phone call away.

cPanel/Plesk licenses included

cPanel makes it easy to manage your server and your user accounts without having to learn many new skills.

Security Updates

The servers are always kept up to date to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities to be exploited, keeping your site safe.

Ability to grow

As your business continues to expand your site will generate more and more traffic and a secure web host is able to accommodate any scale and upgrade to your server to meet your future needs.

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