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What is a Website Builder?

A website builder allows you to create a website without coding experience. It’s a convenient solution for freelancers, small business owners or anyone who wants to put up a website quickly without investing too much time or money. These use a drag-and-drop interface that is intuitive to use and offers plenty of flexibility and customization. This article explains what Postjer website builder is, what is best suited for and what features provide.

How Postjer Website Builder Works

Postjer website builder converts your drag-and-drop commands into code. It can either be hosted by the company or connect to your hosting provider. Postjer website builder offer a selection of themes or templates that are suitable for different types of websites. For example, a portfolio would use a different template than an e-commerce store. Once you select a template, you’ll be able to customize many of the features. Postjer CMS includes elements like typeface, the layout and the size of the text and images. You may also be able to add contact forms and embed videos.

Postjer Website Builder Features

Postjer website builder makes many of the complicated aspects of running a website simple and intuitive. Here is a list of some of the most common features.

Drag and Drop Interface

Postjer CMs & website builder allow you to drag and drop the components of a web page to design it as if you are assembling a collage. This could be text, photos, video or any other component on your web page. We offers different flexibility for customization options. Some companies use themes that are harder to adjust, while others allow you to customize almost every aspect of the web page.

File Manager

Postjer CMS make it easy to upload pictures and videos. With Postjer, for example, you’ll have access to an image gallery on your account. This way, you’ll be able to edit and remove photos and videos from different pages, but still store them and refer to them in the future.

Hosting and Domains

When you’re building a website, you need two components other than design: a website host and a domain name (the URL used to navigate to your site). Postjer CMS offer all three services. If you already own a domain name but want to use a different website builder (for example, you purchased your domain name through GoDaddy but want to use Postjer for design), you’ll have to migrate your domain to our platform.

Dynamic Modules

Postjer make it easy to integrate third-party applications like social media feeds or shopping carts.

Mobile Compatibility

Because so many people browse the web, mobile compatibility is an important feature for any website. Many website builders integrate this feature automatically and allow you to view the mobile version of your website as you edit. Some can even reflexively adjust the elements on your site so that one design functions well on multiple platforms.

Business Email

Postjer come with the ability to create an email address with your domain name as the extension. Some always charge extra for this feature while others offer one or two emails for free and charge for each additional email, so be sure to choose the best plan for your needs.

Do I Need a Website Builder?

If you want to create a website and you don’t have experience coding, Postjer CMS & website builder is the easiest way to do it. The other option is to build your website by our team, but this will have a much more cost.

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