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Maintenance & Support

You will be assigned a highly qualified team to work on your project and its specific requirements.

£60.00 / hour

One Time Support

  • One time flat payment
  • Guaranteed bug-free for 30 days *
  • Guaranteed response time of up to 48 hours
  • The most stringent coding qualifications
  • Report on the work that has been completed
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£399.00 / MONTH

Monthly Support

  • Assistance from Professionals
  • Issue profiling and bug fixes
  • 30-day bug-free guarantee on modules consultation
  • Guaranteed response time of up to 48 hours
  • The most stringent coding qualifications
  • Report on the work that has been completed
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Why do I need premium support?

The premium support is for everyone who wants to get professional technical support for their website, projects and businesses.

How are bugs fixed?

All troubleshooting and issues are fixed using Postjer’s coding standards, which means that we will not modify your core, thus keeping everything crisp and clean.

How do I provide access to my site?

In order to fix your issues, we will need your web admin access + FTP credentials. Once we finish up the work you can change your credentials.

What versions of Postjer are supported?

We support all publicly available versions of Postjer CMS. This part of the support will be available when postjer CMS is available for everyone.

What is my commitment to the Premium Plan?

You have a minimum commitment of 3 months, which we charge you. After this, you will be charged for another quarter (3 months). This is a no-contract service so you can cancel at any time you want but before the next payment date is due.


Are there any limitations to Premium Support?

The Premium Support comes with acceptable use of a maximum of 5 extension installations and 3 bug fixes per month.

How does the support work?

If you are having an issue you need help with you can fill in the form and get a quote. We would need you to provide as much info as possible about the issue you are having. Right after this, a member of our team will get in touch with you with an estimate.

What exactly do you mean by up to 48 hours?

The up to 48 hours guaranteed reply time means that our team will get back to any reported issue in up to 48 hours except (at weekends and national holidays). Please mind that debugging an issue might sometimes take more than 48 hours in which case you will be notified.

How do you report finished work?

After we finish up the work we will send you a report with the files that we changed.

What isn’t covered by the support?

The plan is limited to providing a bug and issue support. We will not cover custom development and custom design. If are interested in custom design and custom development, you need to contact us.

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